Security Solutions

Ampler’s endpoint security solutions offer advanced security, management, and compliance capabilities to help companies: Detect and respond to threats faster
Defend against more types of threats across multiple attack vectors reduce security complexity. 

Endpoint security
Govern security activities to support risk management and compliance for internal and external audit requirements
Network security
When it comes to building a proper defense in your network, you'll need a suite of services that works to protect you from malicious attacks. With your firewall and IDLS/IPS, you'll be protected from attacks, unauthorized access, and rising threats. It'll also protect your server technology from being affected by malware and exploits.
Cloud security
Enterprises continue to consider the cloud, but security is often the limiting factor. The cloud can provide a more secure operating environment than the in-house data center. It can also provide a stronger security environment than the typical outsourced hosting site. The cloud can be as secure or more secure than the data center. Security, compliance, and/or workload concerns still prevent cloud adoption for many companies. But a cloud-first strategy is the best way to protect your most sensitive data. Ampler will help decision makers navigate through the challenges of cloud security. It will help you assess your risks and develop effective, risk-based security solutions