Server & Storage Solutions

At Ampler, we specialize in server technology. We help forge new paths for corporations to do online and ensure their work is flawless.

We have been consulting companies all over the world since 1996, offering organizations the support that they need when it comes to either building or improving upon computerized operations. Fortune 500 companies from India can all come to us when it comes time for new supplies; we make sure that everything runs according to plan from start-up through regular filming and back again! Since our systems are always current, you can trust us with maintenance on most major brands in the field, including Dell-EMC, Lenovo, HP etc. While it really depends on the size of your enterprise, we offer all types of servers including tower servers, rack servers, blade servers, and cloud servers.

We provide a comprehensive range of storage services with a focus on data management. Whether you're looking to protect your existing data or you need help managing your IT using the latest trends in data storage, we've got you covered with all the solutions and services you might require. We also offer top-level archival services to help ensure that your organization doesn’t lose any sensitive information while trying to make the most out of its resources.